A lady said to be in her late 20s has been confirmed dead by local authorities in the Kujose River of the White Volta Lake at Daboya in the Savannah Region.

Three survivors, all females, who were with the deceased when the incident happened managed a narrow escape and later reported the incident to local authorities in Daboya.

The deceased, only known as Nafisa was said to be in company with her three surviving pals who went to the river.

“They went there to wash and were playing with each other and all of them wanted to know who could go to the deeper end until she fell into the deep side and that was all,” an eye-witness narrated.

Those around who tried to find the deceased’s body were unsuccessful. The body was later discovered three days after the incident.

She has since been buried according to Islamic customs.

Some locals say there is nothing new about this case as such a phenomenon has been happening.

According to them, there is a need for traditional authorities to find a solution to it.

The Kujose River is a direct source of the White Volta Lake which links the Bagre Dam from neighbouring Burkina Faso and the Akosombo dam.

But this year, authorities said there was not much water flow from Bagre dam and, therefore, the water level was at its normal until the lady died.

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