THE government’s One District One Factory (1D1F) programme has been recognized and deservedly applauded.

Honorary Consul-General at Ghana’s Consulate in Hungary, Boldizsar Peter Entz, has stated that the 1D1F is one of the best things to have happened to Ghana.

He described the government’s programme as a positive policy, which has the potential of creating more jobs for the youth, especially those living in the rural communities.

Also, he observed that the 1D1F has the potential of preventing the current unfortunate situation where farm produce, notably mangoes, get rotten.

“The 1D1F programme is one of the best ever government policies in Ghana as it has the potential of helping the country to accelerate in terms of development,” he said. “The policy will definitely help to create jobs for the unemployed youth in the rural communities and also prevent farm products from getting rotten after harvest”.

Speaking in an interview with the DAILY GUIDE, he said the 1D1F would greatly help the country to transform.

“I have lived in Ghana before and I realized that farm products such as mangoes and oranges easily got rotten after harvesting in the rural communities and it’s bad.

“Also, Ghana is blessed with abundance of human resource, made up of energetic youth in the rural areas, most of whom are unemployed,” he pointed out.

Mr. Entz said the factories should be sighted in the rural areas to solve the youth unemployment.

According to him, he has realized that Ghana is blessed with a lot of fertile lands for farming but the transportation of the farm produce to the market remains a challenge.

In this regard, he stated emphatically that the citing of the 1D1F in the rural communities, closed to the farms, would go a long way to help the country to expand in growth.

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