The Electoral Commission (EC) is proposing for the 2024 general election polls to end at 3 pm to enhance transparency.

EC’s Chairperson, Jean Mensa cited the 2020 Election experience, stating that by 1 pm, approximately 70 per cent of polling centres were devoid of voters.

According to her, this is due to the establishment of multiple polling centres, which expedited the process.

Mrs Mensa emphasised the intention to create numerous polling centres, each with a maximum of 500 voters, aiming to reduce voting time.

In the previous election, voters spent no more than five minutes casting their votes due to the increased number of voting centres.

“We are convinced that closing the polls at 3 pm will enable counting and collating to take place in broad daylight and promote the needed transparency and orderliness we so desire.

“We trust that our Parliament will support this drive to ensure greater transparency and orderliness in our electoral process,” Mrs Mensa said.

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