70 refugees from Ghana have bid farewell to the country, leaving for the United States of America (USA).

This news was shared by media personality and host of Date Rush, Giovani Caleb.

The status of these refugees changed after their individually cases were put up consideration for resettlement, following an examination based on established eligibility criteria, he added

Caleb noted that the entire process involved submitting the identified cases to U.S. authorities for further screening and processing, ensuring that each individual met the requirements for resettlement.

“70 refugees from Ghana ???????? last night departed to begin a new life in the USA. This brings an end to their status as refugees. After identifying their cases based on established eligibility criteria, the cases were submitted to the US for further screening and processing.

“Resettlement is one of the 3 durable solutions next to voluntary repatriation and local integration,” he said in a Twitter post on November 30, 2023.

Ghana has been home to many refugees for many decades.

It is, however, unclear which group of refuges make this team that has just left Ghana for the USA.

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