Former Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Benjamin Agordzo, who was cleared of accusations of attempting to destabilise the country, says he was unfairly treated by government both during and after his trial.

ACP Agordzo said he is not pleased with the treatment he received from the government, stressing especially the way he was handled.

Speaking on UPfront with Raymond Acquah, ACP Agordzo said, “I don’t have any misgivings about them, but I’m not happy with the way they have treated me, they’ve mistreated me, they have persecuted me.

“Even when the court has pronounced me acquitted and discharged the Attorney General is walking out there to say that if they had done their work very well I would have been also in prisoned.”

He added, “You could not receive visitors if you really have to receive visitors, whoever it was could be frustrated because it could take them six to seven hours before they could get to you; so they will prefer going back.”

ACP Agordzo emphasised that during his detention by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), he endured five days without food and survived solely on water due to the fear of being poisoned.

“I never went on hunger strike, but I decided not to eat at BNI for five days and that was a personal decision, and I’m not going to explain it.

ACP Agordzo said when he was first arrested “I decided not to eat” stating that when he was arrested for the second time, he “decided not to eat their food and I wouldn’t explain…why I didn’t want to eat their food.”

“I could not trust people who were fabricating stories, so I was never fasting,” he added.

ACP Agordzo and two others were acquitted and discharged by the court, however, six others are facing the noose after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit high treason and high treason.

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