The UN’s humanitarian programme in Gaza is “no longer a functioning one”, UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said.

“There is no exit for the people of Gaza. As a result, hope for the future is, at its best, at a premium,” he said.

The notion that there is no place of safety in Gaza relates also to humanitarian operations, Griffiths said.

“[This] means that if you’re planning a humanitarian delivery in Gaza today, you must plan for the likelihood that it will be interrupted, that it may be attacked, that it may be looted, that it may be stopped, it may be diverted, that it may not succeed,” he said.

Earlier we heard that Israel has agreed, at the US’ request, to open the Kerem Shalom border crossing for the screening and inspection of the humanitarian aid delivered into Gaza via Rafah, another crossing.

Calling for an immediate ceasefire, Griffiths said the destruction of Gaza’s health system also means that diseases among the people will only become more widespread.

“There are two horsemen of the apocalypse in Gaza today – conflict, of course, but also disease. And that will only get worse, as we are unable to sustain any supplies to hospitals, any safe water desalination and so on and so forth.

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