The Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkornoo, has dismissed a petition filed by businessman Richard Jakpa, alleging unfairness and abuse of his rights by trial judge, Afia Serwaa Botwe.

Mr. Jakpa, the third accused in the controversial ambulance trial, claims he has been treated unfairly and seeks the judge’s transfer.

He also accused the prosecution of heckling him during cross-examination.

But responding to his concerns, the Chief Justice said Richard Jakpa failed to provide evidence to back his claims.

The businessman, who made the revelation on JoyNews, said he found the posture of the CJ shocking.

“I got a response from the Chief Justice, a surprise response that I didn’t provide evidence so she cannot transfer the judge. She didn’t say what I am saying is not true.

“When I got the response from the Chief Justice I was shocked because the evidence to what I am saying is in the bosom of the Chief Justice. There is court recording of all proceedings and she is in charge of the courts, so she could have just demanded for the court recordings and the various proceedings that I had given date and the time but she refused to do that and said there is no evidence.

“I cannot go and record things in the court and the proceedings are in court so just request for it, look at it and ask, ‘what this man is saying, is it true?’. But you said there was no evidence so you can’t transfer her,” he said.

The update comes hours after the third accused in the ongoing ambulance trial, Richard Jakpa, said he had petitioned the Chief Justice over what he considers as unfair treatment.

According to Mr. Jakpa, he has been denied basic human rights and certain privileges to which individuals are entitled on numerous occasions during the proceedings.

Speaking to JoyNews, he said “Right from the beginning of this trial till today, I have not been treated fairly at all by the judge. I am saying that because I have written a petition to the Chief Justice on this. So, I am not speaking out of a vacuum and it is recorded. It is documented.

“When I wrote the petition to the Chief Justice, I enumerated all the instances of bias, abuse of my human rights, denying me legal representations and even the right to visit the washroom and the judge at times engaging me as an accused in court when I am a witness.”

Mr Jakpa emphasised that, based on these experiences, he is convinced the judge has already presumed him guilty and that he is merely going through the motions as required by law.

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