Some staff of the Gomoa Polyclinic have been physically attacked by unknown individuals believed to have come from Gomoa Dominase and Potsin.

The incident happened early on Thursday morning.

According to the medical superintendent of the facility, Dr. Jerry Kwaku Vlad Nkegbe, the individuals brought their relative to the facility for treatment but later passed away.

The group besieged the facility and demanded the body of their deceased relative.

Upon being turned down by the nurses on duty for failing to follow due process, the group started attacking the medical officers on duty while destroying properties of the facility.

“The police have arrested some of them and the police have promised to follow up on arresting the other assailants who committed that dastardly act.

“They damaged the computer that is at the OPD that we use to register patients. They damaged plastic chairs, they damaged a BP apparatus, they damaged spirits, and other commodities that we use. They also entered the lab and destroyed things and we are still compiling the comprehensive list and the DCE has asked us to submit it to him to see how best they can reimburse the facility so that service to God and country can be continued.”

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