The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) is taking a stand against the rising threat of land guards operating in the region.

These criminal groups, hired for land disputes, often use violence, disrupting public safety.

Traditionally, the Ashanti Region has enjoyed relative peace in land matters.

This is thanks to a centralized system where stool lands are overseen by His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II with chiefs acting as caretakers. Disputes were settled peacefully through appeals to the king.

However, a recent surge in land guard activity has caused alarm. REGSEC is urging residents to use legal means to resolve land issues, instead of resorting to land guards.

“Those caught using land guards will be arrested, charged, and prosecuted,” a strong statement issued by REGSEC chairman, Regional Minister Simon Osei-Mensah, declared on Friday.

The statement emphasizes the danger land guards pose to law-abiding citizens and the needless violence they incite. REGSEC calls for public cooperation to maintain peace and security. They emphasize established legal channels and the role of His Royal Majesty in resolving disputes, avoiding the chaos caused by land guards.

Read full statement from the Regional Security Council below:

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