The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has emphasized the potential of Ghana as a favorable destination for trade and investment during a meeting with a Czech business delegation.

The delegation, led by Prime Minister Peter Fiala of the Czech Republic, is currently on a two-day visit to explore opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

Dr. Bawumia, renowned for his economic expertise, highlighted Ghana’s stable political climate and robust economic growth as key factors that make the country an attractive investment hub.

He underscored the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and flourish.

During the discussion, the Vice President emphasized the various investment opportunities available in Ghana, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and renewable energy.

He highlighted the country’s strategic location within West Africa, which provides easy access to regional markets and serves as a gateway for investors exploring the broader African continent.

“Ghana is the most peaceful country in West Africa and the second most peaceful country in Africa. Ghana is the right place to be for investment,” Dr. Bawumia said.

Prime Minister Fiala is in the country with a Czech business delegation, which earlier, held meetings with their Ghanaian counterparts.

“I am certain that this will provide an opportunity for the two sides to network and explore the possibilities of business partnership and joint ventures,” Dr. Bawumia added.

“I take this opportunity to urge Czech businesses to take advantage of the immense business opportunities offered by the African Continent Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in the area of food and agriculture, energy, health, education, and infrastructural development, among others.”

Prime Minister Fiala expressed his appreciation for Dr. Bawumia’s insights and praised Ghana’s efforts in fostering a conducive business environment.

He acknowledged the potential for increased economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ghana, emphasizing the importance of exploring mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Czech business delegation, comprising representatives from various sectors including manufacturing, infrastructure, and finance, expressed keen interest in exploring investment opportunities in Ghana.

They lauded the country’s economic growth trajectory and its reputation as a stable democracy in the region.

Dr. Bawumia assured the delegation of the government’s commitment to supporting foreign investors by streamlining bureaucratic procedures, enhancing infrastructure, and providing necessary incentives.

He further emphasized the importance of technology and innovation in driving Ghana’s economic transformation and invited Czech businesses to leverage Ghana’s skilled workforce and growing digital ecosystem.

The Vice President also extended an invitation to the Czech Republic to participate in Ghana’s flagship investment promotion program, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Summit, scheduled to take place in the capital, Accra, later this year. The summit aims to showcase investment opportunities across various sectors and facilitate networking between local and international businesses.

As the meeting concluded, both sides expressed optimism about the prospects of increased trade and investment between Ghana and the Czech Republic.

The visit of the Czech business delegation is expected to pave the way for closer economic ties and mutually beneficial partnerships between the two countries.

With Ghana’s growing reputation as an investment-friendly destination, the government’s commitment to creating a conducive business environment, and the interest shown by international delegations like the Czech Republic, the country is poised to attract more foreign direct investment and further bolster its economic growth in the coming years.

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