Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is launchin a groundbreaking digital initiative for the transport sector in Accra.

Dubbed “Tap and Go,” this innovative payment system aims to revolutionize the way Ghanaians pay for transport fares.

Similar to the popular Oyster Card used in the United Kingdom, Tap and Go is a digital card preloaded with cash. Passengers will simply tap the card on a fixed machine on the bus to pay for their fares. The Ghanaian version of the Tap and Go card will also offer added features, including both physical and virtual versions for enhanced convenience.

Users will have the option to download the Tap and Go app on their mobile phones and choose the virtual card option. This will allow them to make payments directly through their phones, eliminating the need for the physical card if they prefer.

The Tap and Go initiative is a result of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s efforts to digitalize Ghana’s economy and promote a cashless society.

By formalizing the transport sector through this well-structured and tested technology, the initiative aims to benefit drivers, transport owners, and the general public alike.

State-owned transport services, including Metro Mass Transit and STC, will be among the first to implement the Tap and Go system.

However, private transport owners will also have the opportunity to participate, further expanding the reach and convenience of the digital payment solution.

This launch showcases Ghana’s commitment to embracing digital solutions and driving economic growth through technological advancements. With the Tap and Go system, the nation takes yet another step towards building a more efficient and modern transport sector.

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