Gospel artiste Cecilia Marfo has expressed her deep appreciation for the vital role played by fellow musician Esther Smith in her early stages. According to Cecilia Marfo, Esther Smith’s support was instrumental in introducing her to industry connections.

Speaking on Joyprime, she disclosed, “When things were not going well for me, I was looking for opportunities. Esther Smith met someone by the name of Cebes in London. During their encounter, she told Cebes that she has a sister in Ghana, and the way she sings shows that she has potential, so he should look for her. Then she mentioned my name to him.”

Cecilia Marfo emphasized the admiration she held for Esther Smith even before their collaboration. “Beforehand, Esther Smith was someone that I admired, and I used to visit her when she was in Ghana. She testified about me to Cebes, and he also came to look for me. It was God who worked through Esther Smith, and I am blessed to be who I am today,” she indicated.
Cecilia Marfo’s acknowledgment reflects the power of mentorship and support within the music industry, highlighting the crucial impact that Esther Smith had on her career’s early trajectory

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