Authorities in the Chereponi District of the North East region are taking steps to address the vacuum left by public sector workers who fled due to renewed chieftaincy clashes in Wenchiki and Dambo.

Following the clashes, which resulted in casualties and damage to property, many professional public sector workers left the affected communities.

In response, the Regional Minister, Yidana Zakaria, in an interview with JoyNews said authorities are mobilising civilian volunteers from the local population to fill essential roles such as teaching and healthcare.

“If you have a community where due to violence, teachers, nurses among others have all run away leaving school children and as a result the schools have closed down, it should come to every Ghanaian as sad.

“As a result, we are trying to mobilise the local people who have at least minimum education of diploma to degree level to take charge of the schools,” he said.

The goal is to restore normalcy in schools and health centers, and revive socioeconomic activities in the impacted areas.

The mobilisation effort is expected to conclude by January 4th, 2024.

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