The Executive Board Chairman of Hearts of Oak, Togbe Afede XIV has expressed his disappointment with the decision of the National Sports Authority (NSA) to suspend football activities at the Accra Sports Stadium during the Christmas festive season to make way for entertainment concerts.

Hearts of Oak, Accra Lions, and Great Olympics have been forced to relocate temporarily to the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi. Fellow Accra-based clubs Accra Lions have also relocated to the WAFA Park in Sogakope after the closure of the stadium.

Togbe Afede, speaking at the club’s press conference on Thursday, questioned the rationale behind the NSA’s decision and voiced his displeasure with the directive.

“Somebody wakes up and suddenly closes up a sports stadium for a concert. What kind of reasoning is this?”

“When you raise the money to maintain the stadium for what event? Sports or more concerts. What is the logic here? But we sit down and not complain. Why are we afraid of the truth?

“Personally, it stinks and makes me ashamed that a stadium can be closed in favor of a concert while the Ghana Premier League is in action.”

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