The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced plans to conduct a run-off election in some twenty electoral areas for Assembly Members and forty-one electoral areas for unit commitee members where there were ties across the country.

A statement issued by the Electoral Commission on Tuesday (2 January) said the run-off will be held on Tuesday 9 January at the polling stations in the electoral areas where the ties were recorded.

“The Electoral Commission wishes to inform the general public that, in accordance with the District Level Elections Regulations, 2015 (C.I. 89), it will conduct elections to break ties in the election results recorded during the just ended District Level Elections (DLE).”

“Following the collation of results from the just ended District Level Elections, 20 Electoral Areas for Assembly Members and 41 Electoral Areas for Unit Committee Members across the country produced the same results for the contestants. As a result, there will be the need to conduct Run-off elections in these areas to break the ties to determine the winners in these Electoral Areas,” the EC statement said.

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