The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has launched a two-week exercise across the country, dubbed “Operation No Free Consumption”.

ECG staff will update customer details during the exercise, collect any arrears and disconnect customers who owe the company.

ECG will use the Zeus mobile device to record details of all non-ECG/Self-Help Electrification Programme meters held by customers, who will be able to regularise their status with ECG in return for a fee.

The Head of Public Affairs at ECG, William Boateng, expressed optimism that the exercise will help the company retrieve monies owed to it.

“We are in business to buy and sell, and so if we have given you electricity for one month and you have not paid, we are begging that you pay through the app,” said Boateng. “We have gone cashless.

“For the first time, we have introduced a meter reading device [the Zeus mobile device] like the POS [point of sale machine], so we can give you an instant bill.

“We are bringing the device on the field to read meters and correct any anomalies concerning your consumption,” Boateng said.

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