President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Albert Kwabena Dwumfour has called on the Attorney General (AG) to expedite action on the Ahmed Suale case, which has faced delays over the years.

This call comes on the back of the recent attack on some three journalists leading to the media blackout on some political figures.

Speaking at the GJA’s 75th Anniversary Lecture in Ho, Mr Dwumfour emphasised that the association will persist in pressuring state authorities to seek justice for Ahmed Suale.

He also called on the government to intensify its collaboration with the GJA to ensure the safety and security of journalists in the country.

The GJA president stressed that the media could not thrive without public support and urged anyone with information on the Ahmed Suale case to come forward and assist the police investigation.

“In 2024 alone, the GJA imposed a media blackout on key state personalities due to attacks on three journalists while they were on duty. Let me use this anniversary lecture to call on the government and authority to intensify its collaboration with the GJA in ensuring the safety and security of journalists in Ghana.

“We also wish to use this platform to appeal to the Attorney General to start expediting action on the Ahmed Suale murder case, a single issue that keeps affecting the position of the media on the Word Press Freedom Index.”

“Five years have passed since the murder of the investigative journalist, yet there appears to be no progress. As an association, we shall continue to put pressure on state authorities to demand justice for Ahmed Suale.

“I also want to urge anyone with information about those responsible for this matter to help the police investigate this case. The media cannot thrive without the support of the public. As a result, we call for collaboration in this regard as we work to address our developmental challenges.”

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