A market survey conducted by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in the artisanal salt industry has recorded major non-compliance by stakeholders, particularly producers of non-prepackaged or unpackaged rock salt.

The survey which was done in 2023, partly concludes that most of these salts are not iodized as required by law.

The survey also indicated that most artisanal producers are currently producing in facilities with structural and operational deficiencies, which can impact the quality and safety of salt produced.

Following the findings, the FDA has directed artisanal, large scale salt producers, importers, transporters storage facilities and retailers of edible salt to immediately regularize their operations with the authority.

The call, it maintains, is to ensure that the public is protected from Iodine deficiency disorders, in pursuance of the provisions of the Public Health Act, 2012 (Act851). The Act stipulates that all-salt producing and manufacturing facilities shall be licensed by the FDA and all packaged salts must be registered before being put on sale.

The authority cautioned that those who violate the provisions of salt iodisation as stated by the law will be prosecuted.

A press statement from the FDA further mentioned that all salts meant for human and animal consumption shall be iodized, per section 107 of the Public Health Act.

The statement noted: “Non-iodisation of edible salt as required by law constitutes a major violation and is a major public health concern. Iodine deficiency can result in stillbirths, congenital defects, decreased cognitive capacity, infant mortality, goiter in both humans and animals etc”.

The authority directed operators of artisanal salt facilities to contact the nearest FDA office in the regions and districts for assistance.

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