The Founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries Worldwide, Dr Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim has stated categorically the need for Christians to turn away from wrong focus.

He said the devil is committed and takes solace in keeping people distracted from their core values as Christians.

Speaking at the 3rd day of the 7-day powerful “All Things Are Possible Conference 2023″ at the Holy Land behind the Goil Depot at Kaase in Kumasi, Dr Kuuku Dadzie posited that so many people are bound for hell owing to wrong focus.

He described as a sad situation where people go to church with the wrong pivot.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie admonished that for all things to be possible, one needs to focus on God.

On the contrary, he explained that focusing on marriage, work and money results in impossibilities.

To this end, Dr Kuuku Dadzie chastised some gospel musicians who turn to lesser gods for their songs to be popular, noting that it is a wrong focus.

“Why should you go to a god for your songs to be popular when God wants you to minister through gospel music to win souls?,” he asked.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie recounted that demons have succeeded in people’s choice of wrong focus, intimating that when we keep our eyes on God, we aren’t so easily distracted by the things of this world.

“God should be our focus,” he stressed.

The 7-day powerful All Things Are Possible Conference 2023 enters its 4th day today, Thursday, November 16, 2023.

Come and be blessed.

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