Decorated Brazilian footballer and former Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino, has embraced a new calling as an evangelical pastor alongside his wife, Larissa Pereira, in their native Brazil.

The transition marks a significant turn in Firmino’s life as he expands his influence from the football field to the spiritual realm.

The couple were recently ordained as pastors of the Manah Church, which they co-founded in their hometown of Maceio three years ago with pastors Jairo Fernandes and Keila Medeiros.

Firmino took to Instagram to share the joyous occasion with his fans, posting photos of the ordination ceremony that marked this monumental shift in his life. “What a memorable and unforgettable night. This church was born in the heart of God, and we are extremely grateful for the privilege of witnessing up close all that the Lord has done,” Firmino wrote.

Reflecting on his spiritual awakening, Firmino mentioned that his encounter with Christ ignited a burning desire in his heart to spread divine love. “Since our encounter with Christ, a longing burns in our hearts. Let people know this love that has reached us. Now we have another craving and responsibility: to be pastors after God’s heart and who cooperate with the kingdom,” he stated. 

Firmino’s illustrious football career has been impressive, particularly his time with Liverpool, where he won numerous accolades, including the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Super Cup, and Club World Cup. 

Despite his ordination as a pastor, Firmino has not retired from professional football. Last year, he joined Saudi Arabian Premier League side Al-Ahli and currently has two years remaining on his contract. At 32, Firmino is determined to continue his football career while fulfilling his pastoral duties, embodying a unique blend of athletic and spiritual leadership.

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