The Ga Mantse, His Royal Majesty King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, is leading the Homowo Clean-up Exercise in Accra, aiming to rid the city of filth and promote a clean environment.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Honourable Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover, sub-chiefs of Accra, and a special task force of Ga traditional warriors were part of the Ga Mantse’s team.

The exercise, which began in James Town in Ga Mashie on July 2, involved de-silting of choked gutters, sweeping major streets, and evacuating hundreds of tonnes of waste from various parts of the city.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between the Ga Traditional Council (GTC), the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council (GARCC), the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR), Zoomlion, and security agencies.

Speaking on the sidelines of the exercise, Honourable Titus Glover, intimated that the Ga Mantse was pleased with the turnout and was personally supervising the exercise to ensure everyone’s participation.

He assured that he will encourage residents and shop owners to participate in the initiative.

“While a few individuals were initially hesitant to join in, the Ga Mantse’s encouragement and leadership have brought them on board. The community is working together to clear the streets of filth and debris, with a goal of completing 80% of the tasks,” he stated

He placed emphasis on proper waste disposal, and warned against indiscriminate dumping.

The Homowo Clean-up Exercise is a testament to the community’s determination to take ownership of their environment and create a cleaner, healthier space for all.

The exercise deployed various logistics, including pick-ups, waste management trucks, motorbikes, wheelbarrows, gloves, shovels, and others.
Some of the participants (shop owners, residents,) with rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows, gathered the refuse, while heavy-duty trucks collected the waste for proper disposal.

Other traditional areas benefiting from the exercise included Sempe and Gbese.

Security personnel ensured full participation and enforcement, while shops within the traditional areas were closed to allow for maximum participation from residents and traders.

The Mayor of Accra, Elizabeth Sackey, praised residents of Accra for their enthusiasm in participating in the initiative.

“A big thanks to the Ga Mantse for spearheading this effort. We hope this won’t be a nine-day wonder but will become a daily activity and a habit,” she expressed.

She assured that with the establishment of the sanitation court, she will empower her directors to monitor the environs and ensure that offenders are brought to book.

The Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Zoomlion, Madam Emma Adwoa-Appia Osei-Duah, stressed that the exercise will be sustained after the Homowo celebration. “Culturally, we believe that before every festival, the community cleanses itself to invite blessings. At Zoomlion, we are supporting this initiative with logistics and personnel. Our goal is to rid Accra, and Ghana at large, of filth,” she said.

The Public Relations and Corporate Affairs Manager at Zoomlion, Morgan Ernest Acquah, underscored the importance of proper waste disposal, encouraging residents to develop a habit of disposing of their refuse correctly, even after the exercise.

According to him, hoarding waste at home was not advisable, and added that measures had been put in place to sustain the clean-up effort.

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