The Founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries worldwide, Dr Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim has stated that it’s demonic for human beings to say they have freedom.

“Without God you are empty,” he stressed.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie was speaking at the second day of the 7-day powerful All Things Are Possible Conference 2023 at the Holy Land behind the Goil Depot at Kaase in Kumasi.

The Conference runs through this week, Monday – Friday at 5:30pm and ends on Sunday at 9am.

The popular end-time servant of the Most High God noted that demons have succeeded in making human beings behave as if they do not need God.

Preaching on 4 strong tenets from the topic, “Gratuitous Independence”, Dr Kuuku Dadzie listed Freedom, Rejection, Rebellion and Forgetfulness as the pillars that an individual need not renege.


“Don’t be deceived that you are on your own.The moment you say you have the freedom, all things go on the odds against you.Without God you are empty and your life is valueless,” he explained.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie posited that human beings have shamefully rejected their Maker who is the giver and taker of life.

He said it is absolute lunacy to ignore God in one’s life.


Dr Kuuku Dadzie wondered that a chunk of Ghanaians go to church but have rejected God for worldly things.

“To reject God is to reject self, and that is hell, a false world of deceit and suffering,” he noted.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie explained further that rejecting God is tantamount to repudiating our own reality.

“How can we live and be happy, if we rejected the source of life?”, he quizzed.

The Founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries worldwide revealed that some pastors in Ghana have rejected God and have therefore resorted to fetish priests for powers and popularity.


Dr Kuuku Dadzie reminded people that God created them with dust and it is consequently wrong to rebel against Him who breathed into you adding that rebellion is the nature of demons.

“Rebellion against God’s authority was humanity’s first sin and continues to be our downfall. Our sinful natures do not want to bow to the authority of another, even God. We want to be our own bosses, and that rebellion in the human heart is the root of all sin,” he stressed.

He described the way gospel musicians costume themselves as ungodly and called for an end to it since it amounts to rebellion against God.


Dr Kuuku Dadzie said forgetting God is as sinful as it is, adding that it is incautious to trudge that path.

He continued that Ghana is in bits and pieces because President Nana Addo himself has rejected God.

“How can you use the Battle Is The Lord’s as a slogan and forget God after winning a political position?,” Dr Kuuku Dadzie asked.

The 7-day powerful All Things Are Possible Conference 2023 enters its 3rd day today. Come and be blessed.

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