Justin Frimpong Kodua, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has called on government Ministers, CEOs, and MMDCEs who may be feeling tired to consider resigning rather than hindering the progress of the party.

Kodua expressed concern about the actions of certain appointees that have had a negative impact on the party’s popularity, urging them to step down if they are unable to continue effectively.

“If you are tired, resign and leave so the party can retain power. If you are a Minister, a CEO, or an MMDCE and you have not been reshuffled and you think you are tired, resign, don’t sabotage the party,” Kodua emphasized.

In addition, the NPP General Secretary called on President Akufo-Addo to conduct an immediate reshuffle to introduce new faces into his government. He believes that appointing fresh individuals is crucial to drive the NPP towards successfully achieving its objectives.

“It is time for some changes in the government so we can bring in new faces to continue. We believe that if we have new appointments, we will be able to retain power in the next election,” Kodua stated during his address at the party’s annual Thanksgiving service held at the NPP headquarters.

Kodua’s remarks reflect the party’s commitment to maintaining unity and ensuring the effectiveness of its government appointees. By encouraging those who are fatigued to step aside instead of impeding progress, the NPP aims to maintain its popularity among the people and remain focused on achieving its goals.

The General Secretary’s call for a reshuffle is indicative of the NPP’s drive to bring fresh perspectives and ideas into its governance. With new faces in key positions, the party hopes to maintain public trust and secure victory in the upcoming elections.

As the NPP moves forward, it is expected that the party’s leadership, including President Akufo-Addo, will carefully consider the concerns raised by Kodua and take appropriate actions to ensure the continuity and success of the government.

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