Zoomlion Takes Lead on Climate Change & Worker Safety for World Safety Day In celebrating the World Safety Day 2024, Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti, the Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, delivered a speech at the durbar of management and staff; addressing the pressing issue of the impact of climate change on occupational health and safety. She emphasized the historical significance of climate and weather on human health and stressed the necessity for our collective action to combat the repercussions of phenomena. Mrs. Anti highlighted the direct correlation that exist between environmental health and workplace safety, emphasizing the importance of protecting both employees and the planet. The effects of climate change, primarily driven by human activities, pose numerous risks to workers across Zoomlion and its subsidiaries. Increasing temperatures expose outdoor workers to heat stress, jeopardizing their well-being and productivity. Additionally, she explained that extreme weather events such as floods and wildfires disrupt operations and pose economic as well as health challenges for workers. Pollution and deforestation further compound health risks, highlighting the interconnectedness of environmental degradation and occupational safety. In response to these challenges, Mrs. Anti called for a comprehensive approach that includes both adaptation and mitigation strategies. She advocated for measures to prevent heat stress, improve emergency preparedness, and reduce carbon emissions through the adoption of renewable energy and sustainable policies. Beyond policies and practices, Mrs. Anti stressed the importance of a shift in mindset and values, recognizing the interdependence of human health, environmental well-being, and social equity. She urged all everyone to build a commitment to creating safe, healthy, and sustainable environments where all workers can thrive. As World Safety Day was observed, Mrs. Anti reaffirmed Zoomlion's dedication to this important cause, expressing solidarity with workers worldwide affected by the impacts of climate change on occupational health and safety. She also extended heartfelt appreciation to those championing safety and well-being, whose efforts inspire progress toward a safer future. The proactive stance of Zoomlion Ghana Limited in addressing the impact of climate change on occupational safety serves as a commendable example, underscoring the importance of prioritizing the welfare of workers and the environment in corporate practices. Alone with this, Mr. Ernest Kusi, the Director of Monitoring Service Quality at Zoomlion, led management to pledge to uphold safety protocols at the workplace and at home. Symbolically signing the pledge, he encouraged other management members to follow suit, leading by example in promoting safety while contributing to climate change mitigation efforts. He urged all not to forget the theme for the celebration this year, which is "Exploring the impact of climate change on occupational Safety and and health".

The Otumfuo Charity Foundation on Saturday handed over a 16 bed  ultra modern maternity block to the Manhyia Government Hospital.

The facility which is named after the Queen of Ashanti, Nana Konadu Yiadom has special beds and interior settings to make pregnant women comfortable upon their visit for delivery.

Giving a background to the facility, Board Chairman of the Foundation, Professor Oheneba Boachie said his outfit was approached by Joseph Magnus Martey Marteye, Chief Executive of Joberg Construction Company to build to support some persons but when the idea of the Maternity block came up the CEO decided to foot half of the cost of the project.

“We are happy that today, Lady Julia Osei Tutu who is patron to the Foundation is here to commission a project dear to the heart of Otumfuo and Nana Konadu Yiadom and it is refreshing that the facility has been beautifully constructed by Joberg Construction for the hospital authorities”, the Board Chairman stated.

Medical Director:
Giving a brief history of the Hospital, Medical Director of the facility, Dr Kamarudeen Korku Hussein said the Manhyia hospital was established in 1962 as a community clinic and in 1966 was elevated to an urban center.

The new Maternity Block For Manhyia Govt Hospital

He noted that in 1976 it was further elevated to a Poly Clinic and in year 2000 attained district hospital status.

Currently, the Medical Director said the facility serves as referral center for Ashanti and other adjoining regions.

“This 16 bed new facility will help us deal with the issues like pregnant women lying on the floor and corridors as we also have additional operating theatres, private and VIP rooms as well as other essential spaces to deal with deliveries and emergencies arising out of same”, Dr Hussein noted happily.

Mr Magnus Joseph Martey Marteye, Chief Executive Officer of Joberg Construction thanked the Otumfuo Charity Foundation for granting him the opportunity to build something that would be kept as legacy project for the King of Asante.

He noted that the facility would help to advance quality care to the over 400 clients that visit the Manhyia Government Hospital each day.

“I pray Authorities keep an eye on the facility to make it last long to serve the purpose of its construction”, Mr Marteye stated.

Kumasi Mayor, Hon Samuel Pyne speaking to this reporter, commended the contractor for the project and for delivering same on time.

He asked the hospital authorities to maintain the facility so that it can last long to provide the services it is billed to cater for.

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