Nemanja Matic has revealed that Paul Pogba and Jadon Sancho were frequently late for training during his time at Manchester United.

Speaking to YuPlanet, Matic claimed that a small group of players, including Pogba and Sancho, were regularly tardy, whereas at Chelsea, where he previously played under Jose Mourinho, the players were generally more professional and punctual.

Matic, who served as the self-appointed president of an internal disciplinary committee, kept track of the names of players arriving late and collected fines totalling around £75,000 during one season.

“At Chelsea, players acted professionally, they were punctual and were never late for training but at United, it happened almost every day,” Matic said.

“Among the players who would always be late were Paul Pogba and Jadon Sancho and a couple of other players.

“The rest of us who were always on time were angry so we decided to form a kind of internal disciplinary committee with me serving as the president.

“I put a sheet of paper up on the wall where I documented the names of individuals arriving late. During one particular season, we collected around £75,000 in fines.

“We had planned to use the money to throw a party in London, but we didn’t due to the Covid outbreak.”

This revelation sheds light on the reported lack of discipline and professionalism within the Manchester United squad during Matic’s tenure. Sancho, in particular, has faced criticism for his attitude and behaviour, with rumours circulating that he was often late for training.

His poor form and controversial antics led to him being banished from first-team activities by manager Erik ten Hag.

Pogba, on the other hand, has struggled since rejoining Juventus, with his performances falling short of expectations. He recently tested positive for a banned substance and has been provisionally suspended.

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