The Founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries Worldwide, Dr Kuuku Dadzie has revealed that miracles and blessings will continue to remain elusive to human beings until they engross themselves in the word of God.

The opposite, he noted, will be in abundance when people take God and His word serious.

The powerful man of God was preaching on Sunday, 19/11/2023 to climax the 7-day “All Things Are Possible Conference 2023” at the Holy Land behind the Goil Depot at Kaase in Kumasi.

The sermon was themed, “With God All Things Are Possible In The Dust”.

“Miracles will always be present in your life if you have God. Miracles will leave you when you abhor His word,” he explained.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie reiterated that when God is in your life, He gives all things and everything adding that there’s no limitation to His goodness.

The impeccable man of God who was fully charged revealed that demons possess an individual the moment God deserts his or her life.

According to Dr Kuuku Dadzie, these demons come with negativities including all types of diseases and sicknesses and death in finality.

“God doesn’t want our bodies to be defective. When God is in you, no sickness can overtake your body,” he encouraged.

Concluding with the Bible quotation from Exodus 23:25, Dr Kuuku Dadzie stated categorically that serving the Lord comes with huge benefits including unlimited blessings and miracles.

The “All Things Are Possible Conference” is an annual program designed to bring people closer to the Lord Almighty.

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