In an effort to ensure fair and transparent parliamentary primaries, the New Patriotic Party, General Secretary, Justin Kodua Frimpong, has issued a stern warning to the party aspirants.

The party aims to prevent the practice of busing or camping delegates ahead of the upcoming primaries scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2024.

During a press conference, General Secretary Justin Kodua Frimpong emphasized the need for a level playing field in the electoral process.

He highlighted the potential negative consequences of busing or camping delegates, urging all aspirants to adhere to a set of guidelines to maintain the integrity of the primaries.

Busing or camping delegates involves transporting or accommodating potential voters in a central location, away from their constituencies or areas of influence. This practice has raised concerns over the influence it may have on the voting decisions of delegates, potentially unduly swaying the outcome of the primaries.

The General Secretary stated that such practices are not in line with the party’s values and principles of fair competition.
He emphasized that all aspirants must respect the rules and guidelines set forth by the party to ensure a transparent and democratic process.

According to Mr Frimpong, all aspirants who flout the directives would face sanctions.

Notwithstanding that, he indicated that the party is working to address outstanding petitions from disgruntled members concerning the primaries.

He strongly advised delegates against using phones to capture their ballots after voting, warning that such actions, aside from nullifying votes, would be considered offence, and individuals would be handed over to the police.

Furthermore, the party announced that elections in the Nhyiaeso Constituency would proceed following the discontinuation of a court case by a polling station executive against the party.

The warnings come as the party strives to maintain its credibility and foster healthy competition among its members.
The General Secretary’s guidance aims to encourage aspirants to focus on engaging with voters and delivering their manifestos, rather than resorting to questionable tactics.

With the parliamentary primaries just days away, the party’s leadership is hopeful that all aspirants will heed the warning and adhere to the guidelines in order to maintain the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process.

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