Singer and reality TV star Odarky Andy, known for his appearance on “Mentor 1,” has openly accused actor, Lil Win of intellectual property (IP) infringement and theft. In an interview with Ayekoo Ayekoo sit-in host Akua Sonto on Accra 100.5 FM, Andy alleged that he did that to him and other artists in the music industry. “So if you find out someone can write for you, you must be wise to speak with the person and sort things out amicably. Don’t try to be conniving as though you are smarter than everyone else” ‘the “Sweetie’ hitmaker disclosed. “I’ve noticed that’s how he really is. He’s fond of sweet-talking you when he realizes you are good at songwriting, but once you are done writing, recording, and shooting the music video, the song becomes solely his,” he added. He even went far as to label Lil Win as a conman, saying, “Anyone who knows him well knows he is disrespectful and he is a thief. He’s done it to us.” To support his claims, Odarky cited an incident involving Patapaa and his viral song “One Corner.” He alleged that Lil Win attempted to acquire the song through dubious means and, failing that, released a similar track titled “Corner Corner.” However, “Corner Corner” couldn’t compete with the success of “One Corner.” Odarky Andy disclosed that when he fell victim to Lil Win’s actions, he considered legal action but was advised against it. He emphasized that he followed that advice and focused on creating more music, as one song would not define his career. Despite the accusations and past grievances, Andy acknowledged Lil Win’s humane side, mentioning that they had been friends and collaborators in the past. However, he concluded that Lil Win had mishandled the situation and had not used the right channels to address the issues.