The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) is calling for the prevention of corrupt officers from operating with impunity in a statement released to mark World Anti-Corruption Day on December 9th.

The OSP calls for individuals to understand that they will be arrested, investigated and prosecuted if they engage in corrupt activities.

The statement notes that when corrupt actors can no longer rely on the anchor of impunity, Ghana can be seen to be fighting corruption effectively.

The OSP emphasizes its commitment to the fight saying, “We will strengthen our collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and international partners to suppress and repress corruption notwithstanding the formidable odds and barriers in this quest.”

The OSP is calling for a shared responsibility in the fight against corruption and encourages citizens and residents to join them in the fight.

The statement concludes that the fight against corruption is a necessary step towards building a prosperous Ghana that is built on fairness, justice, and transparency.

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