In a landmark decision, Parliament has finally approved the 2024 budget, following a heated debate and stiff opposition from the Minority group.

The approval came after an intense headcount, which resulted in the Majority Caucus securing 138 votes, while the Minority Caucus managed to garner 136 votes.

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, made an announcement on Wednesday, November 29, declaring a voice vote in favor of the Majority Caucus after the conclusion of the budget debate.

However, the Minority Caucus vehemently challenged the ruling and demanded a headcount, leading to the Majority group walking out in protest.

Responding to this turn of events, the Speaker announced that the headcount vote would be conducted today, December 7, specifically on the approval of the government’s economic policy and budget statement. This step was seen as necessary to clear the path for the further approval of budget estimates.

Following the headcount, Speaker Alban Bagbin revealed, “At the end of the headcount, the ‘ayes’ had 138, Nos were 136, with one absent. The ayes have it. The 2024 budget has been approved.” This declaration signifies a significant victory for the Majority Caucus and the government.

The approval of the budget will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the country, impacting various sectors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure development, and more. It remains to be seen how this budget will be implemented and its effects on the overall economy.

The outcome of this vote highlights the fragile balance of power within Parliament. The contentious debate and subsequent approval of the budget demonstrate the contrasting views and ideologies of the ruling party and the opposition, underscoring the democratic process and the importance of parliamentary debates in shaping national policy.

As the country moves forward with the approved budget, it is crucial for all stakeholders to work together and ensure that the allocated funds are utilized effectively to meet the needs of the people and propel the nation towards progress and prosperity.

Further developments regarding the implementation of the 2024 budget and the reactions from both the Majority and Minority caucuses are eagerly awaited.

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