Prof. Otchere Addai-Mensah

The management of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) has vehemently defended its CEO, Prof. Otchere Addai-Mensah, against accusations of financial impropriety and procurement violations levelled by former hospital attorney, Kwame Adofo.

Mr Adofo, who served as KATH’s legal counsel until December 31, 2023, lodged a complaint with President Akufo-Addo, alleging that Prof. Addai-Mensah mismanaged funds and flouted procurement regulations since assuming office in December 2022.

In a rebuttal, the hospital dismissed the allegations as groundless and fraught with inaccuracies.

The statement underscored Prof. Addai-Mensah’s significant accomplishments in elevating clinical care standards, modernising infrastructure, and enhancing employee welfare; achievements widely lauded by hospital stakeholders.

Conversely, labour unions at KATH have rallied behind the CEO, Prof. Otchere Addai-Mensah, in response to a petition advocating for his dismissal.

Healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and union members, have vehemently contested the allegations outlined in the petition. 

They argue that the accusations fail to reflect the true essence of their CEO, who they described as a committed and efficient leader.

“We, the Labour Unions in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital stand in solidarity with the CEO and management of the hospital to continue their good works at KATH.”

“We recognise the allegation against the CEO does not define his character and dedication to the well-being and development of the hospital”, the union said in a statement.

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