The parents of a seven-week-old infant fighting for his life after receiving a heart transplant are requesting more urgent prayers.

Augustus Elliott Joubert, better known on social media as Gus, received a new heart just 11 days after being put on the transplant list. 

According to his father, Mark Joubert, the baby was born with a heart defect that would require a multi-stage surgical repair. However, at about four weeks Gus’ heart health deteriorated to the point that the only option was a heart transplant. 

“Without God’s kindness and the amazing medical team, we’d never have made it this far,” Joubert shared. 

Gus’ transplant surgery was successful, but his new heart would not beat. 

“He will transition to ECMO (heart bypass machine) for a couple of days in hopes that it begins to beat. Otherwise, he will pass away. Please pray for us all,” Joubert, requested on X.

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