A total of 140 unidentified and unclaimed bodies are set for mass burial by the Ghana Police Hospital in Accra. The exercise, which is expect­ed to commence on November 22, 2023, is to help decongest the hospital morgue. The decision to bury the bodies follows the inability of the hospital to identity or contact the families of the deceased. According to a statement issued by the medical director of the hospital, Commissioner of Po­lice (COP) Dr Harold Agbenu, the bodies had been in the morgue, since June this year. The statement encouraged the public with information about sus­pected case of missing relative to contact the pathology department of the hospital. It assured the public that management of the hospital was committed to handling the matter with utmost sensitivity and respect for the deceased and their families. The statement called on the public to cooperate with the hospital to ensure proper and respectful burial for the departed. The statement advised the public to always keep on them identification cards for easy identi­fication during emergencies.