Amit Kumar Aggarwal, Director of Agromach Engineering Limited – a leading manufacturer of Rice Mills in India, has expressed the belief that Ghana holds the potential to become self-reliant in rice production and emerge as a net exporter to West African countries.

Leveraging Ghana’s expansive and fertile lands, Aggarwal suggests that with the right technology, rice could be the country’s next major export, akin to gold.

Mr. Aggarwal, during a recent visit to assess the agricultural landscape, highlighted Ghana’s vast fertile lands, accompanied by ample water reserves for irrigation. He emphasised the critical role of equipping farmers and millers with the right knowledge and machinery for processing quality rice that meets both domestic demand and international standards.

Ghana’s significant expenditure on rice imports, exceeding GH¢6.8billion last year despite the potential for local production, has spurred Aggarwal’s call for increased investment in processing technology. Importantly, with total rice consumption reaching 1.4 million metric tonnes in 2022, there remains an opportunity to reduce the import value by enhancing local processing capabilities.

Speaking to the media in Accra, Mr. Aggarwal stressed the importance of stakeholders investing in machinery and gaining the right training to unlock the full potential of the country’s rice sector. Beyond rice, he highlighted the additional benefits of oil and animal feed derived from rice byproducts, contributing to a holistic and sustainable approach.

To support this vision, Agromach has established its West African office in Accra, with the aim of supplying rice milling machines (from 500kg/hour to 12 tonnes/hour) to farmers and millers across various scales of production. This initiative intends to empower every rice farmer with the means to process their rice efficiently, thus improving the overall quality and competitiveness of locally produced rice.

Mr. Amit Kumar Aggarwal, the driving force behind Agromach’s initiative, is also the author of the book ‘How to Plan a Money Printing Rice Mill’. In a generous move to support Ghana’s green revolution, Mr. Aggarwal is offering a free soft copy of the book to aspiring rice mill entrepreneurs. Interested individuals can request their free copy by emailing with the subject ‘PLEASE SEND ME THE BOOK’.

Agromach Engineering Limited is committed to partnering with Ghana in transforming its rice industry, ensuring not only self-sufficiency but also positioning the country as a significant player in the regional rice market.

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