Relationship coach Rev. Dr. Nanayaa Prempeh has emphasised the importance of spouses sharing phone passwords, deeming it a healthy practice for marriage that can prevent conflicts.

She clarified that phone passwords are not to keep partners at bay but to safeguard data.

“While I may not endorse it for unmarried individuals, there are instances where mere suspicions can be detrimental. The phone is not meant for you, so there’s no reason to access your partner’s phone if you’re not married to them. Personally, I’ve shared my password with my husband, and he has mine as well.”

Access to your partner’s phone, I won’t say it’s a requirement, but it’s love. Once you live and trust your spouse, you can feel free and share your passwords with them because it’s for your own good,” she maintained on Friday, January 19, 2024.

She also addressed situations where women are more prosperous than their husbands, advising that for peace to reign, women should respect their husbands, regardless of financial status.

“Even if you’re the president of a nation and he is the shoeshine, for peace to reign, you need to respect the man because there’s no king without a queen.”

Dr. Prempeh highlighted the significance of emotional intelligence in relationships, emphasising the need for understanding to avoid baseless blaming and conflicts in marriage.

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