The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU-Ghana) has appealed to social partners, especially the government, to support State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

According to the workers’ union, SOEs like Aluworks Ghana Limited, Neoplan Ghana Limited, PBC Limited and Volta Star Textiles Limited, need support since the potential of their huge economic contributions cannot be over emphasized.

“With dedicated central government support, strategic SOEs can play their rightful roles in the national development efforts.

It will also give meaning to the advocacy by labour unions for the necessary conditions to be created for sustainable employment opportunities,” the ICU said in its New Year message signed by Morgan Ayawine, General Secretary.

ICU-Ghana said the government should pay serious attention to some strategic state-owned enterprises in 2024 by injecting the needed financial resources into such institutions to revive and sustain them.

“This is one progressive way, to help those whose jobs are on the line in such organisations and also, go a long way to creating sustainable employment opportunities for our teaming young people,” it said.

It further encouraged all citizens to contribute their quota in maintaining the national cohesion, to sustain investor confidence to propel economic growth.

“The union will like to remind Ghanaians that peaceful environment is critical for accelerated growth, and it is the expectation of the union that all stakeholders, will unite and strive at all times to sustain the national peace and stability.
This is because, no amount of increased productivity can take place in an atmosphere of violence,” it emphasized.

In this regard, the union urged all political actors to conduct their activities in the up-coming elections devoid of rancour and acrimony, mindful of the fact that the working people can only give of their best in a peaceful society.

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