The Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union of Trade Union Congress, Ghana (TEWU of TUC, GH), has made a passionate appeal for better pay for workers.

In a Workers’ Day message, TEWU General Secretary, Comrade King James Azortibah, said Ghanaian workers are putting in all their best to keep the economy going, hence, the need for them to receive remuneration commensurate to their contributions to nation building.

“The government must improve the remuneration for our people,” he said.

Comrade Azortibah further noted that it is the hope of every Ghanaian worker to retire and enjoy a decent pension in peace.

“It is very worrying to say that since 2020, when the first batch of retirees under the new pension scheme retired, what was paid them as lump sum is nothing to write home about,” he said.

He indicated that the payment of the lump sum is the same as those who also retired after them to date.

“One area contributing to this meagre lump sum our compatriots are receiving under the new pension scheme, is the delay paying the fund managers regularly, so that they can invest appropriately to improve the investment returns to be paid when people retire,” he said.

He appealed to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) to promptly remit the unions with the dues deductions, in accordance with the law, to keep the union activities running smoothly.

“The over three months delays in releasing dues deductions by the CAGD, is a major challenge, which we expect to stop immediately,” he said.

Comrade Azortibah raised further concerns about shortages of non-teaching staff, and the urgent need to recruit more staff.

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