Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama has criticized President Nana Akufo-Addo for mismanaging the affairs of the country and neglecting the Asuogyaman Constituency depriving it of development.

Speaking during his Building Ghana Tour in the Eastern Region, Mahama expressed his concerns about the current state of the country, stating, “My brothers, looking at the state of Ghana today, this isn’t the country I handed over to Nana Akufo-Addo on 7th January 2017. The country has collapsed.

“Debt has swallowed the country. Taking your community as an example, no developmental project has been done since they came into power.”

He specifically pointed out the alleged deprivation of the people of Asuogyaman and other regions of developmental projects under the current government’s leadership.

Mahama addressed the issue of premix and outboard motor distribution to fishermen at landing beaches, accusing the New Patriotic Party government of politicizing the distribution process.

He promised that, if re-elected, his administration would implement proper measures to ensure the effective distribution of premix to benefit fishermen.

“When NDC was in power, proper measures were put in place for fishermen to establish its landing beach committees where Premix was given to the committee to hand over to the fishermen, however, the narrative has changed now. Politicians are now in charge of the premix affecting the works of fishermen. We promised to change it when voted into power.”

Additionally, Mahama pledged to revamp the Juapong textiles factory to address youth unemployment. He reminisced about the effectiveness of the factory during his previous term in power and expressed his commitment to restoring its operations.

“We’ve been in power before and you all can judge how things were going when NDC was in Parliament. This is an election year and we are contesting again we all know that if you are given power, you are meant to serve the people and you must know what the people need to address that.”

Mahama concluded by promising to revive the Juapong textiles and other industries to create employment opportunities for the youth when voted into power.

The Eastern Region tour aimed to engage with communities and highlight the NDC’s vision for addressing developmental challenges in various sectors.

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