A pastor who lost his daughter in a “freak accident” has shared that his daughter gave her life to Jesus two weeks before her sudden death.

Lucy Morgan, aged six, was playing badminton with her siblings whilst on a family holiday in Limerick, Maine when a racquet handle broke and struck her head, causing catastrophic damage to her skull.

She died four days later in hospital.
Speaking with Fox News, Lucy’s father, Jesse, a church pastor, shared how two weeks prior to her death, Lucy asked her mother, Bethany, “how to be with God and be saved”.

“Bethany explained it to her, offering to pray together,” he said, “but in her characteristic independence, Lucy wanted to do it herself. She went to her room and prayed to God.”

Despite doctors successfully removing a piece of skull to relieve pressure on her brain, the accident left Lucy with severe brain damage and unable to breathe independently.

Her family gathered around her bedside and sung her favourite hymn before she passed away.
After Lucy’s death, the family returned home to New Jersey, where a friend dropped off her backpack.

Inside was the six-year-old’s prayer journal, which her mother had given her a month prior, containing drawings and words expressing her faith.

Alongside hearts and sketches of her family, little Lucy had written: “I love Jesus… God is so amazing and He is the true God and He created everything and He died on the cross for our sins.”

“It is Christ alone sustaining us,” he said. “I don’t want people to be gawking at the tragedy. I want people to see the miraculous. God didn’t do a miracle and bring her back, but God did do a miracle… in our hearts we’re still trusting him.”

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