Along with the beauty and bliss of life comes the fact that life can also be full of hardship. But did you know that most of these deprivations are invited by mankind?

According to the Founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries Worldwide, Dr Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim, things become impossible for humans the moment they reject outrightly the word of God.

He said God did not create human beings to struggle in life but by the invitations and machinations of demons, people experience penury because of the forfeiture of God’s word.

The powerful man of God was speaking at the 4th day of the 7-day powerful “All Things Are Possible Conference 2023″ at the Holy Land behind the Goil Depot at Kaase in Kumasi.

Dr Kuuku Dadzie preaching on the theme, “The Dust Without The Word”, stressed that demons have for far too long manipulated humans to reject the word of God.

“You see, God is so supreme that when you reject His word, you bring upon yourself so many struggles,” he said.

In a 4-point revelations, Dr Kuuku Dadzie scarily described what happens to people when they reject the word of:

(1) You live an accursed life – you are cursed for rejecting the word of God and as a matter of fact, you are a complete doom.

(2) Your life becomes a struggle – so many privations hit you so hard that your life becomes miserable.

(3) All kinds of demons inhibit you – demons come to kill, steal and destroy.

(4) You become weak and powerless – because you have become weak and powerless, every sickness can possess you.

According to Dr Kuuku Dadzie, God is so faithful to help an individual to overcome these, saying people need not reject the word of God.

The 7-day powerful All Things Are Possible Conference 2023 enters its 5th day today, Friday, November 17, 2023.

Come and be blessed.

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